What to see

Among the most popular destinations and wonderful Sardinian we find the Costa Smeralda, located north-east of Sardinia, above Olbia and the gulfs of Cugnana and Arzachena.
The Costa Smeralda measuring over 80 kilometers of coastline surrounded by the Mediterranean, from white sand beaches and the Caribbean, small and charming hidden coves, islands and the "glamor" of a vibrant nightlife that takes place in the fashion district.
Porto Cervo is the "pearl" of the Costa Smeralda, but Porto Rotondo, full of squares and shops, he is not far behind. Do not miss the coves of Lu Multiccioni, Li Capanni and l’Ulticeddu, the beautiful and long white sandy beaches of Tanca Manna, the Povero, l‘Isuledda, Balca Brusciata, Cala Arena Bianca, Cala Granu, Portu Li Coggi and Cala Petra Ruia.